Empowering Youth with Opportunity in Africa

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All young people generally are going to go into business at one point in their life or the other. So why not prepare for it? Why not be ready for it? Why not get all the skills and the information you need? Dr. Kigozi, who has worked throughout Africa to teach better STEM education, has said time and again that a knowledgeable woman is an empowered woman, a confident woman. And she will speak up. But when she does not know things, she becomes society’s problem, because women will sit quietly and let opportunities pass them by. That being said, capacity building for women and gaining additional knowledge is how you can truly enjoy success in your business endeavours. But this requires education, training, and mentoring.

Give STEM a chance

Continuing Education and Training

There are internships and programs to help in industries like manufacturing. In fact, the World Bank has supported interns to come and work with companies like Pepsi in order to gain the experience they need to start their professional path. But you do not have to be in a big company, according to Dr. Kigozi. You can gain internships with small shops and still learn quite a bit. Knowledge is power. And some knowledge comes at a cost. That cost might be working in an unpaid internship. But you must understand that this is an opportunity to be appreciated, valued. Just because you do not earn an income from an internship does not make it useless. In fact, most of them are more useful than you might think.

Emergency Locksmith Services for Your Office

For those who work with young people in mentoring programs, in offices as interns, even in small shops, making sure the office stays safe is important. There are a few situations more frustrating than slamming shut the office door or the company car door and seeing the keys are still inside and all the doors are locked up tight. Fumbling around for your office keys only to remember that you left them on your desk the night before can cause a serious panic. That is why there are professional locksmith services which offer mobile year-round support for lockout situations just like this. These locksmith services can be called upon to get your company door open as quickly as possible. Locksmiths understand that companies need to make sure everything is not only secure but that business is not compromised in any financial detrimental fashion.

One of the best ways to guarantee that nothing was compromised is to make sure that the business runs as smoothly as possible no matter what pickups might appear. A single phone call can help you to overcome the feelings of frustration or embarrassment by dispatching someone to the office location immediately to handle the situation. Keeping your office secure is well worth the cost.

Everybody makes this mistake. In fact lockout services of the most commonly called upon locksmith service. Lockout services can even happen unexpectedly when equipment malfunctions for unforeseen circumstances cause keys to be lost or stolen. In each of these situations you can call upon professional services to quickly and effectively open the doors for you and get you back on track.