Ntomo Innovation Academy 2016 – Week 3

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iNERDE Summer Camps
2016 – Week 3

iNERDE and our very own Chief Nerd, Mohamed Kante, were just featured in an online publication with The Innovative Science & Technology Group (ISTG), a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of science and technology in under-served communities primarily within the US and Africa. Read the article and discover more about Mohamed, the origin or iNERDE, and our current programs and challenges!

The camp at Senegal concluded this week with laughing, playing, and a few tears. The students made kites, built catapults, and learned the concept behind Newton’s apple. They wrapped up various projects and created a PowerPoint presentation.

iNERDE Senegal’s Graduation Ceremony was enjoyed by the students who proudly showed off their projects to parents and guests.

Students at the camp in Mali had another busy and exciting week.

The students in Mali had two field trips this week. They visited the hydroelectric dam at Energie du Mali and the national TV station ORTM (office de radio-diffusion television du Mali) where they got a behind-the-scenes look at the technology behind broadcasting. Join the kids on the bus ride to ORTM by clicking on this link to go to the video on our Facebook page.