Interview with an iNERDE Parent

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Fatimata Diallo

August 5, 2015

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Fatimata Diallo is the mother of Binta Daff, a student in iNERDE’s Colonie de Vacances STEM this year.

Binta was nominated to attend the Colonie by her school, Castors, on the strength of her excellent grades in mathematics. In addition to math, Binta likes computers and already helps Mom with her laptop and smartphone.

Fatimata heard very positive things about the Colonie de Vacances STEM from the teachers at Castors and also from friends at L’Ecole du Progrès, iNERDE’s first partner school last year. She also knew iNERDE founder Mohamed Kanté, having gone to secondary school with him at L’Ecole du Progrès. She remembered Mohamed as an exceptional student, but, for her, the most extraordinary thing about Mohamed is that, after starting a successful career in the United States, he decided to come back to Mali to do something good for his country.

Binta is a girl full of energy, according to her mother, bright and eager to express herself in class. She has a strong drive to succeed. iNERDE has been great for her in giving a chance to develop and demonstrate her knowledge and skills. Binta’s grandmother is encouraging her to pursue a scientific career; iNERDE is wonderful for giving Binta motivation to aim in that direction. When Fatimata picks her up and asks her what she did and learned that day, Binta always has a lot to tell. She shows understanding of what she studied and is able to explain very well all that she did. Binta loves iNERDE’s hands-on activities where she gets to build things. She also particularly enjoyed the lesson in DNA extraction.

When asked if there were things that iNERDE could improve in coming years, Fatimata could only say that she is very happy and the program and looked forward to iNERDE continuing its great work in Mali next year.