iNERDE Ntomo Innovation Academy STEM Curriculum


Aligned with African Reality

iNERDE has adapted the revolution around STEM education to a curriculum for an African context. This activity-based, hands-on curriculum is used in 5-week summer camps in West Africa. The program aims to empower African youth and impart the self- confidence and critical thinking skills to transform their communities using knowledge, technology skills, and innovation. Founded by an African, iNERDE develops African resources, partnering with
educators from highly developed countries


Built Around STEM Skills

iNERDE’s curriculum is inspired by public domain resources for activity-based STEM education developed by US-based educators. It includes 26 modules aligned to 4th & 5th grade-level standards. A gamut of topics drawn from STEM fields is covered, as well as themes around careers, social responsibility, and learning skills including writing and public speaking. Field trips and guest speakers allow the students to see how technology is used in their communities and to be exposed to various career fields.


Practical and Adaptable

The 100-hour modules are presented each day with an overall theme-involving discovery of a scientific concept, which is reinforced by a hands-on activity requiring problem understanding, conception and design of a solution, testing, and evaluation. The sources materials are adapted to present subjects and problems relevant in the students’ communities. Furthermore, the curriculum is tailored in consideration of the availability of materials and integration with the existing curriculum of the students’ schools.