iNERDE’s Vision

iNERDE is a social enterprise with a plan for radical development in Africa. Our STEM Summer Camps teach African youth problem-solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, integrity, self-confidence, teamwork and, of course, the STEM skills needed to succeed in the modern world.


iNERDE’s Solution

iNERDE’s goal is to provide African youth the opportunity to discover their potential in STEM fields and every field in the modern world that requires high technical literacy. We aim for nothing less than to give Africa’s youth the tools that they need to turn their deep aspiration for a bright future into reality.






Nerdy News & Blog

The News is Good

Mohamed Kante – Visionary & Chief Nerd

September 11, 2014

BOSTON, USA – The first iNERDE STEM Summer Camp has passed into the history books. We did it! And we did it very, very well. Of course, it was difficult, to be perfectly honest, every single day presented some kind of challenge. We weren’t sufficiently prepared, we had and still have so much to learn, but no matter what difficulties we faced our “customers”, our Nerdy kids, their parents, and the community loved what we did.


Newsletter – The Future is Bright

September 25, 2014

After a hectic summer in Bamako, the iNERDE team gathered in Boston for its Annual Summit to wrap up our pilot project and get ready for the upcoming year. We’re looking forward to an improved curriculum, more participants, and an even nerdier Colonie de Vacances STEM 2015!

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