iNERDE is working to make STEM Education more accessible to African youth. In the last two years we’ve taught nearly 200 students in Mali and Senegal, but that’s just the start.

iNERDE’s Vision

iNERDE is a social enterprise with a plan for radical development in Africa. Our STEM Summer Camps teach African youth problem-solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, integrity, self-confidence, teamwork and, of course, the STEM skills needed to succeed in the modern world.


iNERDE’s Solution

iNERDE’s goal is to provide African youth the opportunity to discover their potential through STEM Education, preparing them for success in any modern field that requires high technical literacy. We aim for nothing less than to give Africa’s youth the tools they need to turn their deep aspiration for a bright future into reality.






Nerdy Blog

Running to Bamako

Michael Leventhal, Chief Development Officer

December 6, 2015

CALIFORNIA – “Well, you won’t be going back to Bamako now.” My father was so sure that I, or any sane person, would never consider traveling to an African country where a terrorist attack had just taken place that it didn’t even occur to him to ask if I planned to return to Bamako, Mali.

I’m running to Bamako, now, and iNERDE is here to stay, unafraid, in Mali

Nerdy News

Newsletter – Final Report – We Empower, What’s Your Superpower?
It is with great joy and satisfaction that we’ve completed the second edition of our STEM summer camp in West Africa. This year, not only did we go from 30 to 150 students from 5 different schools, but we were also in the capitals of two West African countries: Bamako and Dakar. We can’t help but feel pride in what we’ve accomplished thus far.

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